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Boron carbide product is always used for the neutron absorption material, nuclear project ceramic product, seal ring, spray nozzle, bullet-proof vest, and the armor-plate board of tank and helicopter.

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Boron Carbide is one of the hardest man made materials available. Above 1300°C it is even harder than diamond and cubic boron nitride. It has a 4-point flexural strength of 50,000-70,000 psi and a compressive strength of 414,000 psi, depending on density. Boron Carbide also has a low ther-mal conductivity (29-67 W/mK) and has electrical resistivity ranging from 0.1-10 ohm-cm.


Boron carbide is always used for the neutron absorption material, nuclear project ceramic product, seal ring, spray nozzle,
bullet-proof vest, and the armor-plate board of tank and helicopter.

The main industrial countries have been paying attention to the research of bulletproof materials of boron carbide since twenty years ago. Nowadays the bulletproof materials of boron carbide are enormously applied to bullet-proof vest, and the armor-plate for tank and helicopter in some developed countries such as USA, Israel, South Korea as well as some other European countries.

Density 2.50-2.65 g/cm3
Elastic modulus 510 Gpa
Knoop Hardness 3300
Flexural strength 400-650 Mpa
Compressive strength 4100 Mpa
Fracture toughness 4.5-7.0 Mpa.m1/2
Coefficient of thermal expansion 4.5x106
Thermal Conductivity 29 m0k


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