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  • Resin Bond Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belt
  • Resin Bond Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belt
  • Resin Bond Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belt
  • Resin Bond Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belt

Resin Bond Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belt


High efficiency, high cost-effective, long life-span, nice wear-resistance, excellence surface polishing, smoothness, flexible, fine & accurate polishing, little dust and noise.

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These belts are converted from premium grade, resin bond coated abrasive jumbos to customers' special dimensions. Our factory only purchase the best abrasive cloth manufacturers that offer world-class technology in their products, which means our customers will benefit form the highest quality belt performance available anywhere. Belts are available in a variety of grit and grain specification for use on metal etc. Each belt can be produced in a wide range of custom size for use on many different types of equipment.

1) Specially for use on portable belt machines.
2) Made of rugged aluminum oxide cloth to provide aggressive cutting action and resistance to sanding steel.
3) For metal working applications with moderate to heavy pressure.
4) Feature fast cutting action and long belt life.
5) Buffing and polishing.
6) Grinding line conditioning.
7) Butt joint, lap joint and waves joint are available.
8) Aluminum oxide resin bond belt is open-coated for wood working or use on soft metal.

Suitable used for stones, gemstone, glass, ceramic, monocrystalline silicon, synthetic material, hard alloy, aluminium alloy and etc., to fine grinding their surface and corner. 
Item.No. Size('') Size (mm) Grit
JK25*760 1*30 25*760 24-400#
JK75*457 3*18 51*1524 24-400#
JK75*533 3*21 75*533 24-400#
JK75*610 3*24 75*610 24-400#
JK100*610 4*24 100*610 24-400#
JK50*686 2*27 50*686 24-400#
JK50*915 2*36 50*915 24-400#
JK75*2000 3*80 75*2000 24-400#
JK100*914 4*36 100*914 24-400#
JK100*1220 4*48 100*1220 24-400#
JK150*1220 6*48 150*1220 24-400#


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