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  • Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points
  • Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points

Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points


Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points used for sculpturing, dressing, precision grinding and internal grinding carbide, ceramic, glass, precious stone, alloy and many other abrasive materials.

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Diamond mounted point and diamond burs with a large variety of specifications are extensively used for sculpturing,dressing,precision grinding and internal grinding carbide,ceramic,glass,precious stone,alloy and many other abrasive material.all sizes,shapes,assortments are upon your specific request.kit assortments of mounted points&burs are flexible. 
1) shaft diameter: 2.35mm, 3.00mm, 6.00mm or as your requirement 
2) Length: 60mm 
3) Mainly applied to finish processing of sapphire, glass, granite, alloy tools, and other hard materials.
1.produce as customer require
2.high working efficiency
3.long working life
4.top quality
5.Eco-friendly package
Electroplated diamond tools produced by MO is excellent in efficiency by using various highest standard material, and mainly applied in the following processes:
1. For cutting, grinding and drilling of stone materials as marble, alabaster, quartz, precious stones.
2. For cutting, grinding and drilling of ceramic materials as porcelain, tile, roof, etc..
3. For cutting , grinding and drilling of glass.
4. For cutting, grinding and drilling of hard plastic materials as fiberglass, duro plastics, polyester, carbon silicate, graphite, molded resins and other composite materials and reinforced plastic.
5. Cutting and machining of cement asbestos coating clutches.
6. Other special purpose for industrial using.
Diameter 3/6/8/10/25mm
Shank Dia 2.35mm, 3mm, 3.17mm
Overall length 40mm to 50mm (1 5/8 inch to 2 inch)
Diamond grit #46-#600, as your request.
Coating nickel, chrome, titanium available
Applied machine Carving machine, CNC machine


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