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  • Multi-Point Diamond Dressers
  • Multi-Point Diamond Dressers
  • Multi-Point Diamond Dressers

Multi-Point Diamond Dressers


This dresser is used for rough dressing of grinding wheels.

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Two or more selected diamonds are set in metal matrix.
This dresser is used for rough dressing of grinding wheels. In this tool number of small natural diamonds are set 
in a geometric pattern in single layer. These dressers are resistant to shock & impact.
The selection of the diamonds depends upon the dimension of grinding wheel, its hardness grit size, abrasive type, and individual dressing operation. 


- For normal abrasive wheels and abrasive wheels for Bearing 
- For processing of Input shaft / Output shaft 
- For procession of Crankshaft and Gear 
- For abrasive wheels for procession of other car parts

Guideline for diamond dressers :

Considerable care should be taken in mounting the diamond dresser in position. Diamonds are sensitive to shock and impact.
The dresser must be clamped rigidly in place to avoid vibration once dressing begins.
An ample supply of coolant should be directed at the diamond point before dressing begins, as the sudden application of coolant to the diamond once it has heated up can cause it to shatter.
The diamond holder should not be set directly on the center of the grinding wheel, but at an angle of 5-15 to the direction of rotation of the wheel so that it appears to be "trailing"
At normal wheel peripheral speeds, dressing rates of approximately 20-25 m/sec can be achieved.
The maximum depth of cut achieved per dressing pass is 0.03 mm or on fine grit wheels, 
approximately 0.005-0.01 mm.
The cross feed rate is dependent upon grit size and can have a marked influence on the quality of the finish imparted to the grinding wheel surface. The lower the feed rate, the finer the surface finish. 
Grinding Wheel Grit Size Feed rate in mm/rev
30-46 0.60 -0.30
50 120 0.30 0.10
180 320 0.10 0.02

Natural Diamond Angle Cutter Parameter:
Diamond Angle 40°60°75°80°85°90°100°110°etc.
Diamond Highly Exposed 0.3mm to 1.0mm
Stem Length 30mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,80mm etc.
Stem Diameter 3mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm etc.


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