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It combines the properties of both super hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with outstanding strength and toughness of tungsten carbide.

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Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC), is a super hard composite material synthesized a layer of selected diamond particles and bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate. Combining the properties of both super hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with outstanding strength and toughness of tungsten carbide.

Geological exploration, coalfield mining, water well drilling and water conservancy and hydropower, etc.

Diamond with Tungsten Carbide.

PDC cutter used for drilling bits:
1) The PDC for drilling bits is applicable to all sorts of geological.

2) We can offer PDC with different claw structures and chamfer types whether or not grinding an polishing.

3) We can supply PDC with special shape and size based on customers’ orders.

4) The PDC for tools is used in processing alloy, non-metal and metal with high rigidity. According to the customers’ demands, we can provide PDC of different shapes, such as rectangle shape, triangle shape, sector shape, etc.

Main Advantages:
1) High wear resistance.

2) High impact resistance.

3) High thermal stability.

4) High density (low porosity)

5) High compositional & structural homogeneity.

6) Excellent bonding between diamond particles.

7) Optimized interface between diamond and tungsten-carbide layers for excellent binding.

8) Best general performance available in the market.

Model Diameter Height Diamond Thickness Diamond Chamfer Carbide Substrate Chamfer
JK1925H 19.05mm 25.0mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1916H 19.05mm 13.2mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1913H 19.05mm 13.2mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1913M 19.05mm 13.2mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1908H 19.05mm 8.0mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1908M 19.05mm 8.0mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1613H 16.00mm 13.2mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1613M 16.00mm 13.2mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1608H 16.00mm 8.0mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1608M 16.00mm 8.0mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1313H 13.44mm 13.2mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1313M 13.44mm 13.2mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1308H 13.44mm 8.0mm 2.0-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1308M 13.44mm 8.0mm 1.8-2.5mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1305 13.30mm 5.0mm 2.0-2.2mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°
JK1304 13.30mm 4.5mm 2.0-2.2mm 0.3mm×45° 0.5mm×45°

Other types can be processed according to drawings and samples provided by customers.


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