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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade


Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade, Strong combination between diamond and the metal matrix.

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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blades are used for cutting various granite, marble, concrete, etc. with special design and world-advanced technology of diamond brazing, the edge of saw blade will be free cutting, the cutting speed will be faster and the efficiency of cutting will be improved greatly.

1) Specification is complete and varied.
2) Never mark the stone and burns the surface of the stone                                              
3) Good balance assures excellent grinding effect                                         
4) Long lifespan and stable performance
5) Competitive price and superior quality                                                 
6) Excellent service

1. diamond saw blade is widely used for cutting cutting concrete/granitr/marble/tiles and other similar material.
2. Alloy powders are hot-pressed to form the blade with extended life and better cutting results.
3. diamond blade is used with most types of angle grinders and marble cutting machines

Take use of the melting point of solder is lower than the parent metal, melting solder and wetting parent metal, and densely filling the soldering seam, solder and parent metal bonding each other, formed a strong connection.



Diameter Segment Height (mm) Segment Thickness (mm) Segment No. Arbor (mm)
105mm(4”) 3/5 1.0 10 20/22.23/M14
115mm(4.5”) 3/5 1.2 14 20/22.23/M14
125mm(5”) 3/5 1.6 15 20/22.23/M14
150mm(6”) 3/5 1.6 18 22.23/M14
180mm(7”) 3/5 1.8 18 22.23/M14
230mm(9”) 3/5 1.8 22 22.23/M14

Different arbor sizes and segment specifications are available upon request. Other types can be processed according to drawings and samples provided by customers.


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