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Silver Welded Diamond Grinding Wheel


Suited for removing material fast smoothly with efficiency and remarkable performance.

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1. Cutting shape: fast and flat.
2. Fast crumbs without chipping.
3. Remarkable performance.
4. Long service life.
5. Reasonable prices.
6. OEM is availiable.
7. Good service and delivery on time.

Cup Wheel Designs:
Turbo Cup wheels, Dounle Row Cup wheels, Single Row Cup Wheels and Radius Cup Wheels

1) Base & Matrix Material: aluminum or steel;

2) Working Part Material: diamond; 

3) Technology: Welding, or Sintered;

4) Type: Single row, Double rows, Turbo, T type, etc.

Application: Granite, marble, concrete, cement / motar and all types of natural stones.
Outer Diameter Bore Height Width
Metric Inch (mm) (mm) (mm)
105 4" 16/20 3.0/5.0 8/10
115 4.5" 20/22.23 3.0/5.0 8/10
125 5" 20/22.23 5.5 8/10
150 6" 20/22.23 5.5 8/10
180 7" 20/22.23 5.5 8/10

Different arbor sizes and segment specifications are available upon request. Other types can be processed according to drawings and samples provided by customers.


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