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Diamond Squaring Wheel


Diamond squaring wheel with good sharpness, long working lifetime and low working noise, good uprightness and precise size of processed tiles edges without break and chipping.

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Diamond Squaring Wheel:
Metal bond diamond squaring wheel for trimming and correcting the rim of tile or ceramic to get scheduled size. It works stably low vibration in high efficiency, sharp grinding without chipping.

1. High grinding efficiency, Low grinding force: Less heat will be generated by the hole in the grinding process. This can decrease or avoid burns and cracks on the surface of the workpiece, and decrease the equipment's wear and energy consumption.
2. High wear resistance: Diamond grinding disc's change in dimension is small. This can lead to good grinding quality and high grinding precision.
3. Long lifespan, Long dressing period: This can greatly increase the work efficiency, and improve the workers' labor environment and decrease the product's labor intensity.
4. Low comprehensive cost: The processing cost of each workpiece is lower.

Diamond squaring wheel can be made for grinding optical, brake pad, concrete, granite, marble, ceramics, natural stone, masonry materials, etc. with different diamond grits.

According to the segment structure:
It is classified into Segmented Squaring Wheel, Segmented-Continuous Rim Squaring Wheel and Continuous-Rim Squaring Wheel.

According to different grinding and cutting modes:
It is classified into Diamond Squaring Peripheral Wheel and Diamond Squaring Disk Wheel.

According to different bond used:
It is classified into Metal-Bond Diamond Squaring Wheel and Resin-Bond Diamond Squaring Wheel.

Outer diameter: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, etc.
Width: 8/10/12mm, etc.
Height: 12mm

Note: Other types can be processed according to drawings and samples provided by customers.  


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