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Diamond Grinding Roller


Diamond grinding roller with low vibration at high speed, low noise and good performance while grinding, good uprightness and precise size of processed tiles edges without breaking and chipping.

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DIAMOND CALIBRATING ROLLERS are most commonly used to calibrate and achieve a uniform  thickness on vitrify tiles's surface before polishing 
Diamond Rollers are approved for the better sharpness, Longer working lifetime, Lower energ consumption, Lower working noise, Excellent working effect and stable performance.

1) Don't shed diamond blades from the metal roller.
2) Better balance was set up the machine,low noise.
3) Stronger power cutting, the long working life, scratch nothing.

1) Diamond Roller consist with Diamond spiral, applying in the first phase of polishing process to adjust thickness of stone surface.

2) There are Coarse, Middle-Coarse, and Delicate three type.

3) Coarse and Middle-coarse roller are featured with 5 spiral while Delicate one has 5-12.
4) More Spiral in roller, more smooth finish look in stone surface.

Used for calibrating Granite slab or tiles surface evenly to adjust the thickness and balance of tiles surface.

Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Spirals Segment size(mm) Grit
180-320 300 5 6 7 12 16 9x12 9x15 6x10 9x14 R M F
645 (585)
800 (740)
800 (680)
995 (935)
1195 (1135)
1600 (1540)

Other types can be processed according to drawings and samples provided by customers.


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