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Diamond Glass Cutter


Diamond Glass Cutter with transparent appearance, easy to use, bend force not easy to break, high efficiency, high precision, long life.

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Brass barrel glass cutters are a pencil style cutter with textured brass barrel. The head is made from the highest quality tungsten carbide steel. The brass barrel gives this cutter a heavier weight and feel of stability. It takes less pressure to produce a good score and the textured barrel makes it easier to grip and steer.

1.Cutter wheel  made of hard-alloy steel,not easy to break even though drop it from 1 meters height.
2.It can cut 100,000 meters in cutting glass.
3.The handle is made of high quality wooden, strong enough. No crack when knocking with a hammer.
4.Work fast and smoothly, reducing the grinding cost and making the cutting line near perfect.
5.three sizes of cutter blade: T (6-12mm),S(15-19mm),No mark(2-8mm).

The tool bit of the roller type glass cutter is made of  tungsten steel,the handle material is  iron coated with copper and plastic AS.

The outward appearance is exquisite, novel style, unique structure, is the ideal cutting tools in glass industry, the specialized research of ultra-thin glass cutting and ultra-thick glass cutting. Transparent appearance, easy to use, bend force not easy to break, high efficiency, high precision, long life.

Tip material Tungsten carbide blade or Diamond blade
Shank material Aluminum, copper, wood, plastic, Imitation wood
The length 180mm
Type oil type, six-wheel type and American type
Application Used for all kinds glass cutting
Cutting wheel diamond wheel, cemented carbide wheel
Cutting thickness 0.2-19mm
Cutting length 15000m-100000m
Type 1. Straight shank
2. Cone shank
3. Threaded shank
Model 1.Sintered diamond drill bit.
2.Electroplated diamond drill bit.


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