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Vitrified diamond grinding process

Such bonded abrasives vitrified bonding strength is superior to the resin. After forming abrasive tool, work surface chip performance, so it is not easy to plug, sharp cutting and high grinding efficiency, as well as the small amount of thermal expansion, easy control of Machining accuracy, these characteristics can help smooth grinding process. Grinding wheel Truing and dressing area, is relatively easy to operate, commonly used for roughing, semi-finishing grinding and surface grinding, vitrified is the more widely used of a binder. Vitrified good stability combined with diamond abrasives, vitrified bond of CBN grinding wheel made good marketing and Word of mouth. When diamond and vitrified abrasives, greater degree of difficulty, the research and development of vitrified diamond grinding wheels hindered. Abrasive and blowhole

Without thinking and filling conditions, vitrified abrasives and ceramics grinding wheel primary method of selection pressure, abrasives and bonded according to the formula of the weight after weighing, placed in a blender mix into the metal mould, forming abrasive tool blank in the press. Wheel blank monotone then put inside a kiln firing, sintering temperature is 1300 ℃ domination. When molten adhesive with low melting point, and sintering temperature of less than 1000 ℃. Precise processing according to the rules of standard shapes, final product.

Ceramic diamond wheel has diamond and ceramic combined agent of common features, and General corundum, and SIC wheel compared, it of grinding force strong, grinding Shi temperature compared low, wheel wear compared small; can adapted various cooling liquid of role; grinding Shi wheel of shape keep sex good, mill out artifacts of precision high; wheel within has more of stomatal, grinding Shi conducive to row chip and thermal, easily jam, and easily burn artifacts; wheel of since sharp sex compared good, dressing interval of time long, dressing compared easy. Vitrified diamond grinding wheels used in some developed countries is on the rise.