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The Story behind the Diamond--King of Diamond

Diamond - is light, synonymous with flashing. However, do you know that the most expensive diamonds in the world? Let's work together to explore where.

1) The most expensive diamonds

At present, the most expensive diamonds in the world to be a grayish-Blue diamond from the 17th century, weighing 35.56 carats. In 2008, the auction of diamonds worth more than 24.3 million dollars, breaking the 1995 created by a 100-Carat Diamond's record of $ 16.5 million.   

2) The most expensive Blue diamond

In May 2009, a 7.03-Carat Blue Diamond for $ 9.5 million changing hands, creating a maximum price of similar diamonds.        

3) The most expensive diamond rough

In February 2010, the headquarters is located in Hong Kong's CHOW Tai Fook jewellery from South Africa, Petra Diamonds company acquired a 507.5 carats of diamond rough, sold for $ 35.3 million (about 241 million yuan), which set a world record price of diamond rough.