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What are the Origin of a Diamond?

     Diamond was first discovered in India, time is probably BCE 800-600 BC. Start diamond on the Crown, the invention of non-Europeans, according to the test, and the Buddha are the "Crown" is formed by the diamonds. In fact, in 1725, Brazil found prior to Diamond, India is the only country of origin.

     South Africa is the famous first diamond mining company DEBEERS. It started around the planet, holding almost all major diamond mines in the world, so it is also responsible for the diamond culture and taste of publicity. Thanks to sales of the company's monopoly power and unity, it regulates the supply control fluctuations in diamond prices in the market, guarantees a diamond grade of nobility and.

     China's Shandong and Xinjiang have produced diamonds, quality in General. Diamonds produced in domestic consumption, it can be ignored. The largest diamond was discovered by an aunt in Shandong in 1977 when digging, weighing 158.786 carats. Building material 701 mine in mengyin County, Shandong province, which is China's only primary diamond ore being produced. Diamonds are produced from the mine, because of the digging depth is too big, now transferred to underground mining. According to reports, few famous diamonds found in Shandong comes from here "vagrancy" out "sand Auger", only a diamond here is "native".

     Main diamond producing areas in China at present has three: wafangdian, Liaoning, Shandong mengyin-linshu, Hunan's yuanshui basin. all kimberlite, Hunan has not yet found primary ore. quality in Liaoning, Shandong's larger.