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The Importance of Resin Wheel Detection

Resin grinding wheel during installation first to safety and quality testing of the wheel, you can use the pen to tap the side of the grinding wheel, sound crisp no problem, it was enough to see the
importance of safety and quality testing for the wheel. Orientation of resin grinding wheel: wheel installation where is our first problem during installation, only reasonable and suitable location is selected, we can carry out other work. Prevent installation of resin grinding wheel machine close to the opposite the equipment and where the operator or people in the past, most workplace should install the wheel room. If plant of grinding wheel topography limit cannot be set private room, in front of resin grinding wheel machine to install protective bezel height not less than 1.8M, and requires strong and effective. Resin grinding wheel balance problem: resin grinding wheel imbalance is mainly determined by wheel manufacture and installation are not accurate, wheel centre of gravity and the axis of rotation caused by misalignment.
The harm caused by imbalances manifested in two aspects, on the one hand on the wheel rotating at high speed, vibration, easily have a polygonal surface mark, on the unbalanced accelerates the wear of shaft vibration and bearing, which will cause the collapse of the wheel, or even to cause an accident. Therefore, requiring great is greater than or equal to 200mm sand building loading Chuck for static balance should be, after plastic resin grinding wheel dressing or found to be balanced in their work, should be repeated for static balance.
Resin bonded diamond wheel is adhesive material on the tree powder and add filler material, made of hot, hardened and machined process, diamond grinding tools with a certain shape. Foreign 80%-90% the artifact is the abrasive machining of cemented carbide and is gradually replacing silicon carbide Abrasives resin bonded diamond grinding wheel. This ceramic grinding wheels to keep the original properties of high hardness Ceramic grinding wheel, low sintering temperature, high strength and toughness, controlled abrasive properties, and resistance to heat, oil, water, acid, good self-sharpening, trimming, trimming the interval length, uniform porosity to facilitate cooling, chip.