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Chinese Olympians to shine at Rio 2016


After four years of hard work and waiting, Chinese Olympians are gearing up for athletic breakthroughs as well as a clean campaign at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics next month.

China announced that it will send 416 athletes, including 35 Olympic champions — its largest athletic delegation ever for an overseas Olympics.

The delegation is made up of 160 men and 256 women. They will compete in 210 events of 26 sports at the Games, which open on August 5 in Brazil.

The ultimate goal of modern Olympic, is to make the sport for the service of the harmonious development of mankind, the promotion and establishment of a peaceful society of preservation of human dignity.

Olympic spirit embodies the spirit of fairness, justice, equality, freedom of competition. Wish all the Chinese athletes, enjoy the Olympics, shine at Rio 2016.