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The company held a reasonable proposal and technical innovation promotion meeting

In order to further promote the company based on the position, mining potential, reduce costs, improve the efficiency of the activities carried out in-depth, in September 5th, the company held a rationalization proposal and technical innovation promotion. The chairman of the company's trade unions and the chairman of the basic level trade union of 10 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the chairman of the company's trade union introduced the grass-roots trade unions in the development of a foothold, mining potential, reduce costs, improve efficiency, rationalization proposals and technological innovation progress. Subsequently, the combination of the production site, consolidation company union chairman, belt company union chairman to you one of the reasonable suggestion for the unit, technical innovation develop the effect, premixed ingredients vibration transformation such as improvement of the consolidation molding workshop static pressure head, consolidation molding workshop, sand with the original cloth shop coating machine slicing knife device etc., the rationalization suggestions and technological innovation not only saves production cost, but also greatly enhance the production efficiency.

Union chairman in his speech pointed out that rationalization proposals and technical innovation activities focus on full participation, through human ingenuity, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees, based on the position, based on product, based on process flow, to improve the enterprise development ability, production capacity, management capabilities, improve enterprise competitiveness, so that continuous improvement and improve the work, in the minds of all staff, to become full conscious action, and to really play out.