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JK Diamond Tools, Make Grinding Easier!

Grinding is the grinding wheel on a grinder as a method of cutting tools for machining of the workpiece. The features of this method are:

(1) Since the abrasive wheel itself has high hardness and heat resistance, therefore
grinding tool can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, carbide, etc.

(2) Grinding wheel and grinding characteristics determine the grinding process can make a uniform system of micro cutting, general ap = 0.001 ~ 0.005mm; high grinding speed, generally up to v = 30 ~ 50m / s;
Grinding machine rigidity; With hydraulic drive, so that grinding can economically achieve high machining accuracy (IT6~IT5) and small surface roughness (Ra=0.8~0.2 μ m). Grinding is one of the main methods of finishing parts.

Due to the dramatic friction, grinding temperature is very high.This can cause stress and deformation of the workpiece, even resulting in burns on the surface of the workpiece. It is necessary to inject a large number of grinding coolant to reduce the grinding temperature. Coolant may also play a role of chip and lubrication.

(4) After abrasive blunt, grinding force also increased, resulting in grains broken or fell off, again exposing the sharp edge, this feature is called "self-sharpening." Self-sharpening grinding in a certain period to work properly, but after a certain time it should be manually trimmed, to avoid the grinding force increases caused by vibration, noise and damage the workpiece surface quality.