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Electroplated Diamond Technical Specification

(一) Technical specification

1. Products are the diamond tool for precision machining areas mainly used in high-end products, so substrate machining high precision, the naked eye observation of surface roughness of small, and substrate processing more crude market products are markedly different. Electroplated diamond wheel grinding stone or marble, no peeling, not sand.

2. Electroplated diamond wheel grinding stone or marble, no peeling, not sand.

3. Diamond coating evenly, naked eye no obvious nickel tumor bulge, rubbing with your hands feel smooth.

4. 50 times the projector under the diamond distribution, leakage-free coating and agglomeration phenomena, and microscope observation of diamond grain size is consistent, no phenomenon of uneven sizes.

5. On the machining accuracy and service life superior to low-end of the market (requires customer validation).

(二) Other plating products

1. This electroplated diamond wheel Rod's share in the market is not very large, to research market for reference products, you need to consider other wheels products.

2. The other wheels, especially electro-optical glass grinding wheels, electroplated Bowl-shaped wheels, electroplated ordinary wheels, electroplated wheel, larger market share, within the recommendations listed in the study.