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Diamond Wheel Abrasive Selection

(1) Abrasive selection

Diamond wheel abrasive selection is based primarily on the nature of the material of the workpiece. Which artificial diamond abrasive applies Yu non-metal hard crisp material of processing: as carbide, and glass, and ceramic, and semiconductor material, and magnetic materials, and alloy cast iron, and gem, and carbon pigment material, and stone, and refractory,; cubic nitride boron abrasive has good of hot stability, on iron family metal has chemical inert, main applies Yu hard toughness material of grinding processing: as high-speed steel, and mold steel, and bearing steel, and special alloy steel, difficult mill material of processing.

Abrasives selection should be commensurate with the binder, resin bond and vitrified General RVD manmade diamonds, Crystal shape is a flaky, massive, metal, electroplate bonded General MBD series of synthetic diamond, Crystal shape is a mono, 618, dry grinding and dry cutting of superhard Abrasives selected TTI abrasive is required. Abrasive grades improve, abrasives and this will increase production costs and selling price.

(2) Grading size selection

Was processing artifacts diamond wheel of surface rough degrees and grinding efficiency by abrasive of effect great, so, grain degrees of select main is consider this two aspects of requirements, fine grain degrees abrasive processing of surface rough degrees good, but processing efficiency low; rough grain degrees is and of instead, processing efficiency high, rough degrees poor, user initial using super hard abrasives, can according to by need reached of products rough degrees, by production manufacturers help select abrasive grain degrees, if using had general Abrasives products, is can select than General Abrasives fine a, of super hard abrasive, But the premise of meeting the required roughness, should choose coarse-grain, which can improve productivity. Size as shown in the table corresponding to the roughness, workpiece for Carbide.