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Diamond Tool Storage Methods

1) Storage environment

Diamond tools should be stored in a dry, temperature changes, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃; where there is no vibration. , Ceramic Abrasives should not be placed in a wet or frozen place, rubber bonded abrasives cannot come into contact with oils, resin bond should not be in contact with alkali.

2) Storage space and way

Should not be piled up, should be deposited in the appropriate brackets, cupboard or drawer, and should be placed separately on spec repository flag should be set to avoid confusion and errors.

Placement should be set depending on the shape and size of abrasive, a larger diameter or thicker grinding wheels should be vertical or slightly inclined to place, thinner and smaller wheels should be placed of the iteration, but the stacking height should not exceed 500-600mm. Small diameter of diamond grinding wheel be used rope to string together for safe keeping. Bowl, Cup and dish diamond grinding wheel should be down at the end of each iteration, but height is not too high.

Rubber or resin grinding wheel sheet stacking height to 200mm and put a flat iron to prevent wheel deformation or rupture, thin grinding wheels with sharp edges overlapping in the Middle pad gasket (thick paper, or other soft material)

Magnesite (magnesium oxide) and pour an absorbent Binder and abrasive storage should pay special attention to prevent heat and erosion.

Resin bonded, magnesite bonded rubber binding agent and should not be stored for too long, otherwise they will be aging, resin and rubber-bonded storage period cannot exceed one year, more than a storage period of abrasives must be tested before it can be used again. Where the restructuring of diamond grinding wheels must pass Rotary inspection before use.