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Some Factors Affecting the Efficiency and Life of Diamond Saw Blade

First-Sawing Parameters

(1) The linear speed of the saw blade: in practice, diamond circular saw blade speed by the line of equipment, quality of saw blade and sawing stone properties limited. For optimum blade life and cutting efficiency, should be according to the different nature of the stone to choose the line speed of the saw blade. When sawing Granites, saw blade speed can be selected in the 25m~35m/s range. High quartz content and difficulty in cutting granite, linear speed of the saw blade remove the limit is appropriate.      When in production of granite tiles, use a smaller diameter diamond saw blade, lines can reach speeds of 35m/s.
          (2) Cutting depth: cutting depth is related to the wear of diamond, effective cutting, saw blade force and cutting stone materials properties of important parameters.     In General, when a line of diamond circular saw blades at high speed, small depth of cut-elimination should be selected from the current technology, depth of the cutting diamond can be selected between 1mm~10MM.

(3) Feed speed: feedrate is sawing stone material feed rate. Its size affects the cutting rate, saw blade and sawing in heat. Its value should be selected according to the nature of cutting stone materials. In General, cutting soft stone, such as marble, can increase feed speed, feed rate is too low, more conducive to improve the cutting rate.

Second-Other Factors

(1) Diamond grit size: Diamond size commonly used in the context of 30/35~60/80. More hard rock should select a smaller size. Because under the same pressure, sharp diamond as fine as possible, to cut into solid rock.In addition, the General requirements of large diameter saw blade cutting efficiency, should be selected using coarse granularity, such as 30/40,40/50; small-diameter saw blade cutting inefficient, require rock cutting section smooth, suitable for fine-grain, such as 50/60,60/80.

(2) Cutter concentrations: the so-called diamond concentration refers to distribution of diamond layer matrix density (weight per unit area is contained within the diamond).

(3) Head binder hardness: generally speaking, higher the binder hardness, abrasion resistance stronger. Thus, when cutting abrasive rocks, binder hardness should be high when cutting soft rock material, binder hardness should be low when cutting and abrasive and hard rock, binder hardness should be moderate.

(4) Force effect and temperature effect and wear: diamond circular saw blades in cutting stone in the process, are subjected to centrifugal forces, sawing, sawing qiere alternating load effect.