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Development Trend Analysis of China Abrasives

In today's competitive market economy, the technology is used to weigh whether an enterprise is advanced and has market competitiveness. It is also the important index constantly ahead of competitors.

At present, we have become a great production nation of abrasives products, but not power. From the point of products, domestic abrasives products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market. The product technology content is low, and there are large gaps compared with the international advanced level. Domestic high-end technology products still mainly rely on imports.

From a technical perspective, there are low technical content of abrasives products now in China: The industry development ability is weak, there are less products with independent intellectual property rights, and we do not gain the initiative in product development. Therefore, technological innovation will become the technology development task of abrasives industry in the next few years.

Looking from the development of abrasives this year, abrasives products and technology have greeted a new round of reform. Abrasives industry's economic growth has shifted from quantity to quality, and product and technology will head to high-end products and high-end technology. Especially energy conservation and emissions reduction and cleaner production have become the development of abrasives production technology and technology equipment.