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Classification of CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN Grinding Wheel can be divided into the following four types according to different processing technology and bonding agent. Their properties and usage (the mechanical processing purposes) are also different.

a. The production process of electroplating CBN/diamond grinding wheel is simple, and the production cost is also low. Molding is simple but it only has a layer of coating that cannot be modified. And in the process of machining, it is difficult to know when the grinding layer is damaged.

Application: It is applicable to small batch of mechanical processing, complex geometry shape grinding and fixed roller.



b. The sintering type CBN/diamond grinding wheel has high hardness and density, which can be processed into fixed roller with high resolution and high cost.

Application: It is mainly used for dressing roller of grinding wheel and large quantities of superhard materials processing.



c. The production process of resin CBN/diamond grinding wheel is simple, and has low production cost. It is simple to be shaped but not easy to dress.

Application: It is mainly used for many types of small batch processing, such as the processing of grinding tools and cutting tool, and glass processing.



d. Ceramic bond CBN/diamond grinding wheel has had breakthrough recently. Ceramic bond CBN/diamond grinding wheel has strong grinding force, and does not burn the workpieces in high speed machining.

Application: It can be modified and is durable, which is the most ideal grinding tools with high speed, high efficiency and high precision.

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