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Causes of deformation of resin diamond wheels production

1. Uneven mixing easily distort the resin diamond wheels


(1) suitable for liquid and powdered phenolic resin.

(2) the mixture dry add a dusting agent.

(3) adding hygroscopic agents when wet.

(4) the formula powder additive quantity or large density difference, pre-wetting, or adjust the mixing Pan pot feeding order.

2. After forming the deformation is generally formed by the uneven deformation of diamond grinding wheel.


(1) designed to avoid wheel semi-finished materials both inside and outside is not even important.

(2) design, avoid material layer.

(3) reasonable design, avoid layer spiral.

(4) the formulation design, avoid rotating stall caused by particle size becomes too coarse-grained material mixture out and thrown upwards, culminating in organization.

3. Mesh deformation


(1) the solution mesh fabric cloth textile and weft yarn and is not reasonable
(2) resolve mesh impregnated cloth deformation.
(3) settlement activity and stability mesh impregnated with glue.