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Application of sintered diamond wheels

Sintered diamond wheels in bronze and other metals as a bonding agent, application tools, ceramics, evaporator, carbide, steel, high speed steel, hardened steel, precious stones, building materials, high temperature sintering process with the auto parts industry manufacture, its combination of high strength, good resistance to high temperatures, thermal conductivity good wear resistance, long service life and can withstand large loads. Diamond wheel for the sintering process will inevitably keep shrinkage and deformation, so before using the grinding wheel must be plastic, but dressing more difficult. 

Hardness of diamond is known the nature of the material and its excellent performance in areas of hard and brittle materials has broad prospects. At present, of hard and brittle materials using diamond tools for cutting and grinding remain effective processing methods, such as diamond cutting tool grinding for cutting stone, ceramics, and so on. Currently produces wheels for rolling plastic trimming is not only time-consuming and laborious, and dressing diamond grain shedding more, dressing the grinding wheel itself consumes a large, plastic precision is low, so the diamond tool diamond tool wear mechanism study on guidance of reasonable manufacturing and a reasonable selection of technological parameters is important. 

In recent years, scholars have been carried out by the application of special processing method study on the dressing of metal-bonded diamond grinding wheel, include electrolytic dressing method, EDM composite dressing, etc. Usually diamond content low, power also low; but diamond content too low, macro broken will surge, to caused out edged height insufficient, makes power instead increased, electrolytic dressing method speed fast, but plastic precision not high; EDM dressing method plastic precision high, both can plastic and can repair sharp, but plastic speed more slow; composite dressing method has electrolytic EDM composite dressing method, and mechanical chemical composite dressing method,, dressing effect better, but system more complex, so sintering type diamond wheel dressing problem still no get is good solution.