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Application of Diamond Grinding Wheels

Super abrasives grinding wheels made of diamonds or cubic boron nitride (CBN) have been widely used in the grinding fields because of its superior grinding performance.


Diamond grinding wheels are effective tools for grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics, gemstone and other hard and brittle materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed grinding ultra-precision grinding technology, it has raised further requirements for grinding wheel. The metal bond diamond grinding wheel has been widely applied because of its high bonding strength, good formability, long life and other significant features.


Metal bond diamond grinding wheels mainly include sintering type and plating type according to manufacturing ways. High temperature brazing super abrasive grinding wheel is still in the development stage at home now.


Single-layer high temperature brazing super abrasive grinding wheel overcome the shortcomings of electroplated grinding wheel. It can realize chemical metallurgical bonding between diamond, bond and metal matrix, which has higher bonding strength. It can increase the capacity space, and grinding wheel will be not easy to jam, so people can make full use of abrasives.

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