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Analysis of electroplated diamond grinding wheel size

Electroplated diamond wheel is easy to machine, easy to take out, and parting surface edges for the selected product line, it depends on the dimension selection of wheels, it is enough to see that electroplated grinding wheel size and the importance of precision.

1) Coaxial degree part of the wheels should be formed in the mold if placed in the male and female die forming, because mold is not accurate and is more difficult to ensure concentricity;

2) As reduced plating diamond wheel in points die surface Shang of projection area

3) For easy plating diamond wheel of release, should makes plastic pieces in open die Shi as left in public die, as long as makes plastic pieces and male die of combined force is greater than plastic pieces and mother die of combined force can

4) Should as avoid side pumping core institutions, if cannot avoid side pumping core, should makes pumping core as shortened

Electroplated diamond grinding wheels in order to facilitate the discharge of gases, the parting surface coincides with the end of the flow as much as possible and easier to insert placed, when the wheels of the parting surface when turned on, to have a certain amount of space to insert.