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Advantages of Abrasive Belt Grinding


1. Abrasive belt grinding has high production efficiency, and the abrasive grains on the abrasive belts are sharp and have large amount of cutting output. Wide abrasive belt has big grinding area, whose productivity is higher about 5 ~ 20 times than grinding wheel grinding.

2. The grinding energy consumption is low. Abrasive belt has light weight, the contact wheel and tensioning wheel have small size, the high speed rotary inertia is small, so it has small power loss;

3. Abrasive belt grinding has great processing quality. It can ensure the constant speed working, produces less heat and does no need to trim. What’s more, its abrasive grains are sharp, and the cooling condition of abrasive belt is good, which can guarantee high precision and small surface roughness values.

4. Abrasive belt is soft and can stick to the forming surface for grinding, which is suitable for grinding various complex shape surfaces.

5. The structure of abrasive belt grinding machine is simple, and ensures operation safety.

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