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The company held a "based on the post, tapping the potential synergies" activities will be summed up the promotion stage

On the afternoon of August 31, the company based jobs, tapping the potential synergistic activity stage summary promotion will be held in the classroom of the third floor, the company the leading members of the group, the chairman of the grass-roots trade unions, winning personnel and production of the backbone of more than 150 people attended the meeting.

Company union vice president, Secretary of Party Work Department presided over the general assembly, introduces the company "based on the job, tap the potential, reduce costs, improve efficiency" activities process. Each unit represents the practice and experience of their own in the rationalization proposals and technical innovation projects. The leader of the company awarded the prize to the winners.

Finally, the company party secretary, trade union chairman on the next step, how to further carry out a good job, based on the position, mining potential, reduce costs, improve efficiency, an important speech. He emphasized three points: one is the company will be on a larger reference value, with reasonable suggestions can be implemented to further study, grasp the supervision of the implementation work, will be applied to the production and management experience; two to conscientiously sum up the achievements of the activities, will collect the daily work of rationalization proposals, at the grass-roots level the system of incentives, the reasonable suggestions, become full common awareness and action; three is the majority of employees to focus on "reducing cost" and "improving quality management" theme qinsi good discussion, actively offer advice and suggestions, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, everyone is concerned about the development of the company formed a lively situation, all involved in the production and operation of enterprises in the enterprise.